Auki vendors to teach waste management to communities

Reps from AMVA, Kilu'ufi health promotion team, MPG Waste Management office and other stakeholders that are leading the waste management campaign in Auki.
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AUKI Market Vendors Association (AMVA) will work with communities in and around Auki on phase II of their waste management advocacy campaign.

Coordinator of the Waste Management campaign under AMVA, Mr Joel Reverly told this paper saying the programme is already rolling after its launching on March 24, 2021.

He explained yesterday that phase-I of the campaign was focused in Auki market where market vendors were provided with a waste management advocacy programme.

Adding that in complimenting the campaign, AMVA, Malaita government and other stakeholders supported Auki Central Market with wheeler bins which are currently use in the market.

Reverly said after phase-I, focus is on community ensuring the issue of waste management is taught to people in the communities.

He said AMVA believed that if the issue of waste management is properly disseminated right down to communities, it will have great impacts on waste management in communities and urban centres.

Revelry said the campaign is proposed for Wednesday every week; last week the programme reached Kokomu community near Auki town.

He said other communities will also benefit from the campaign – Ngaisagore, Fasitoro, Sikitae and Lilisiana.

Reverly said AMVA invited and partnered with responsible stakeholders Waste Management office under MPG, Kilu’ufi Health promotion team and other partners on the programme.

He said areas covered in the awareness programme are on 3Rs-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, common diseases associating unhealthy environment, misunderstanding of wastes and others.

Reverly said so far MPG and Kilu’ufi hospital are very supportive of the programme and AMVA hope for further partnership to reach and inject the concept of waste management into people.

He said although challenges are face on the programme like proper landfill for Auki town, AMVA will continue to partner with responsible stakeholders on waste management campaign in Auki.

Reverly thanked PPAC under SPC for funding AMVA with the current waste management advocacy campaign.