Auki police investigating knife attack



AUKI police is investigating a knife-attack incident at the Ratefasu area in central Kwara’ae which happened over the weekend.

Statement from police said the incident happened on Saturday after a disagreement in the village.

While police do not mention the reason behind the disagreement, they say the argument was between two very close relatives.

Police say at the height of the disagreement, the suspect stabbed the victim with a knife on his back.

According to police, the victim was transported to Kilu’ufi hospital shortly after the incident and he’s now recovering.

Police appeals that every society is governed by law and people should not take the law into their own hands as a way to solve disputes.

The right avenues are always available within communities to deal with problems and must be respected.

According to the police statement, chiefs, community elders, church leaders and other responsible people are available who could have helped solve the problem.

The statement said police are always there and should anything need the attention of police they will continue to assist.

Their call is for communities to work together with the police and respect the law so that our society is free from unlawful activities.

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