Aircraft tracker commissioned


THE Automatic Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast (ADS-B) equipment to track aircraft location was officially commissioned yesterday for use.

The official commissioning and issuance of notice to airmen was done by Minister for Communication and Aviation Peter Shanel Agovaka.

Mr Agovaka said the commissioning of the (ADS-B) equipment marks one of the biggest achievements of the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA).

“The official commissioning of the ADS-B for the users Airlines and Operators that flies into Solomon Islands will be monitored by the ADS-B, both over-flights, arriving and departing both Munda and Honiara marks one of the biggest milestone achievement in my ministry,” he said.

Permanent Secretary to MCA Moses Virivolomo said the ADS-B is an advance surveillance technology for tracking aircraft location that will be implemented as a part of the next generation Air Transportation System.

 Virivolomo said the ADS-B will replace radar as the primary surveillance method of controlling aircraft.

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