AG urges Bar Association to continue with legal duties

Attorney General John Muria Jnr
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ATTORNEY General John Muria Jnr has called on the Bar Association to continue discharge their legal duties without fear no favour, despite the onset of COVID-19 Community transmission in the country.

Speaking at the opening of 2022 legal year, Mr Muria said when discharging their duty, they must ensure they protect themselves first before discharging their duties.

“You are required to put your mask on first before helping others.

“I also reiterate your Lordship’s call to have all Courts and Counsels involved in the development and implementation of electronic court system. This includes finalising protocols for e-filing, e-hearings etc.

“By using these technological tools, we will be able to minimise movements, limit interaction and in turn assist in the containment of COVID-19 community transmission”, Muria said.

He said the number of Government Legal Offices have been assisted by DFAT in the donation of video conferencing equipment.

“Now is the time to make full use of these gifts from the people and Government of Australia.

“However, to aid in its implementation, it is incumbent upon each Counsel both private and government, to familiarise themselves with the available virtual platforms so as to assist the Courts in implementing its e-courts policy.

He also highlighted that Iumi Tugeda Against COVID-19, and so the saying goes. The Government, in light of Community Transmission is once again re-directing its policy.

“This will be reflected in the 2022 Annual budget. There will be changes, we however, must learn to adapt,” he added