Aftershocks slowly easing: Report  


THE reoccurrence of aftershocks is slowly easing, says National Disaster Council situation report released on 5th December 2022.

“Reoccurrence of aftershocks slowly easing, however, people particularly in Southwest Guadalcanal are still living in fear and uncertainty,” the report stressed.

The report says the risk of further landslides and flooding is high in communities in Southwest Guadalcanal. The current heavy rain warning will eventually exacerbate the risk and may cause further disaster to the already volatile communities because of the impact of earthquake.

The Initial Damage Assessment for Guadalcanal was completed on the 1 December 2022. A total of 55 communities in 10 different wards are assessed in Guadalcanal the report stated.

“Damages to physical infrastructures, particularly residential houses are minimal and are scattered. Traditional built houses mostly tilted, and needs minimal repairs such as bracing.

“Most of the school classroom sustains major damages to classrooms and needs technical structural assessment. Most schools opted to take a break earlier due to the damages to buildings,” the report says.

It report also mentioned that food gardens are the most eminent impact due to landslides and ground shake that uprooted crops.

The Honiara City are yet to conduct the Initial Damage Assessment to verify reported damages, due to lack of funding although budget and relevant documents are submitted the report said.


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