Accused fined $4000 over traffic offences

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A MAN found guilty of five counts of traffic offences has been fined $4,000.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea imposed the fine on Kaieti Manute yesterday over the incident, which occurred on 4 February this year.

Iomea said the court will not only impose a sentence as punishment but one that will deter you and other like-minded people from breaking the traffic rules and to remind the public that the courts will not tolerate those who decide to put the safety of road users at risk by driving in similar circumstance in the future.

The court was earlier told Manute drove a Toyota hilux and made a u-turn at the Kukum junction in front of the Kukum police station and headed west-direction.

At that time traffic officers followed the accused and intercepted him at the Commonwealth Street.

The officers then breathalyzed him and the result showed that there was presence of alcohol in his blood.

Iomea told the accused during sentencing that “you were under the influence of drink and the manner in which you were driving at the material time was careless and dangerous to other users; you deliberately ignored and disrespected direction from Police who were enforcing the law”.

“You were driving whilst you were not a holder of a valid driver’s licence and the vehicle you were driving had an expired license.

“Those were the offences you committed. The facts as agreed constitute your offending.”

Iomea said the aim of the Traffic Act is to ensure road safety.

“Our duty as road users is to observe and obey the traffic laws, you as the owner and driver of the vehicle you have a responsibility to get proper licence or renew the relevant license when they are due for renewal.

“It is also your duty as a driver to consider the safety of the public and road users when driving a vehicle on the road.

“Police officers are responsible for enforcing the law and it is our duty to support them and respect them.

“You have failed these duties and consequently, you are now facing punishment before this court.”