Abui made Bishop of Hanuato’o

Bishop Arthur Abui
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THE Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) has consecrated and installed Reverend Arthur Stanley Abui as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Hanuato’o (DOH) at Saint Peters Cathedral, Kirakira on Sunday.

The Most Reverend Leonard Dawea, Archbishop of the ACOM assisted by the Senior Bishop and Bishop of the Diocese of Malaita the Rt Rev Sam Sahu, the Assistant Bishop of Malaita the Rt Rev Rickson Maumauru, Bishop of the Diocese of Ysabel the Rt Rev Ellison Quity, Bishop of the Diocese of Temotu the Rt Rev. Willie Tungale, Bishop of the Diocese of Guadalcanal the Rt Rev Benedict Loe and Retired Bishop the Rt Rev Alfred Karibongi officiated the ceremony.

Immediately after he was consecrated; the Vicar General of the DOH Rev. Clayton Maha installed the Rt Rev Arthur Abui in the episcopal chair of the Diocesan Cathedral as a sign of his role and responsibility as chief shepherd of the diocese.

(From left) Retired Bishop Alfred Karibongi, Bp Sahu, Bp Quity, Bp Abui’s Chaplain (in white), Newly Consecrated Bp Arthur Abui, Archbishop Dawea, Bp Loe, Bp Rickson and Bp Tungale after

In a packed Cathedral of more than 2,000 people representing the 15 parishes of the diocese, sister churches, family members and friends who came to witness the ceremony were; ACOM General Secretary Dr. Abraham Hauriasi, ACOM Vice Chancellor Gabriel Suri who accompanied the Archbishop’s team from Honiara; Member of Parliament for Central Makira Hon. Nestor Giro, Member of Parliament for Ulawa Ugi Hon. Willie Marau, Member of Parliament for West Makira Hon. Derick Manuari, the Premier of Makira Ulawa Provincial Government Hon. Julian Maka’a and his team to name a few of the official guests who graced the occasion.

‘I have no great intention to come on board with new ideas and developments. I would rather continue on with the vision and mission statement of the diocese passed by the 10th diocesan synod December 2020” the newly consecrated Bishop said in his inaugural address in the church.

“Our vision statement puts emphasis on “to hear, live and joyfully proclaim the gospel of Christ to our people. Our mission statement focuses on our baptismal ministries to build up the body of Christ which is the church. This is trying to achieve our vision statement. Importantly to recognize and serve those who are in need in our society”, he added.

Taken from the Diocesan Vision and Mission statements, the Rt Rev. Arthur Abui said his theme for this year 2021 is “HANUA TO HANUA FOR CHRIST”, meaning the gospel of Christ should begin at home.

Vicar General of the Diocese of Hanuato’o installing the new Bishop on the diocesan chair

“The theme should germinate at home; grow at home, matured at home before it goes out to other people, communities and society. Acts of the Apostle 1.8 states, “Be my witnesses beginning in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the World,” Bishop Abui added.

‘I personally believe and agreed with some writers that the founding stage of human development begins at home in the infant period before other frame work takes their toll. As stated earlier, with the vision, mission statements and the mission theme 2021, they are our bearing for mission and ministry in the diocese.

“ I lovingly and joyfully call on all clergy, parish councils, religious, church ministry groups and parishioners to fully utilise our potential to fully realise our vision, mission statements and our mission theme 2021 aligning with the ACOM Mission Statement” the newly consecrated and installed Bishop of the diocese of Hanuato’o highlighted.

Bishop Sam Sahu (left) prepare to put on the mytre to a new Bishop

“I am confident the diocese will continue to progress through your capable leadership with the support of your clergies.” The Most Rev. Leonard Dawea told Bishop Abui in his speech during the feasting.

‘There is no school for the bishopric; but by working with and listening to the people; you will learn most how to be a bishop’, the Archbishop added.

Before the actual ceremony took place, his immediate successor, Rt Rev Alfred Karibongi in his sermon reminded the Rev. Abui of the words of Saint Paul in Ephesians 4:1-3 – to ‘live a life that measures up to the standard God set when he called you. Be always humble, gentle and patient. Show your love by being tolerant, open-minded, understanding, with one another and do your best to preserve the unity which the Spirit gives by means of the peace that binds you together”.

Hon. Nestor Giro, Hon. Willie Marau and Hon. Derick Manu’ari together with the Premier of Makira Ulawa Provincial Government Hon. Julian Maka’a all pledged their continual support to the new bishop.

Mr. Silas Hulanga, Diocesan Secretary, speaking on behalf of the Diocesan Administration to the newly Consecrated and Installed Bishop and the Local Organizing Committee, conveyed great appreciation and acknowledgment to all who have rendered their time, finance and resources towards the successful hosting of this Consecration and Installation ceremony.

ACOM Vice Chancellor Gabriel Suri reading the document of election at the Consecration service.

Archbishop Dawea encourages all the clergy and people of the diocese to work closely with the new bishop.

“Bp. Arthur is just one person; he can be able to do greater things for the diocese through your support” he added.

The Archbishop also calls on all members of the church to continue to pray for the Rt Rev Arthur Stanley Abui and his family as he begins this very important role in the Diocese of Hanuato’o and in the Anglican Church of Melanesia.