THE High Court so far has received a total of seven petition cases filed as of yesterday 3.30pm.

High Court Deputy Registrar Jack Taloifuila confirmed this to Island Sun yesterday.

Mr Taloifuila said all petitioners have done their filing and paid their security and petition fees in full. 

“These filed petition cases are ready for listing,” he said.

Taloifuila confirmed petitions were filed by

Petitions confirmed by Taloifuila include:

1. Samuel Manetoali against MP Trevor Hedly Manemahaga, Gao-Bugotu constituency

2. Jeremy Manengelea against MP Peter Shanel, Central Guadalcanal constituency

3. Dickson Mua and Peter Osike against MP Oliver Salopuka, Savo-Russells constituency

4. Samson Maneke against MP Dr Paul Bosawai Popora, North Guadalcanal constituency

5. Peter Soqoilo against MP Jimson Tanangada, Gizo-Kolombangara constituency

6. Augustin Auga Maeue and Harry Philip against MP Ben Maenu’u, Lau-Baelelea constituency

7. Anthony Veke against MP Moses Garu, West Guadalcanal constituency

“With that I confirmed that as of yesterday 3:30pm we have received a total number of seven petition cases filed. We are expecting some more to be filed,” Taloifuila said.

Taloifuila adds the due date of election petition is this Friday, May 30, 2024. 

Speaking to one of the petitioners, Samson Maneka, he said his petition is filed based on 16 grounds of allegations; one for threatening and 15 for bribery.

L & L Lawyers representing Mr Auga and Mr Philip confirmed a total of eight grounds of allegations – mainly centred on bribery and fraud.

Mr Veke, former member of parliament for West Guadalcanal, confirmed his petition case stands on 17 grounds of allegations.

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  1. Wow…this is wow…some of these pertioner would not be able to talk in the parliament house…even for few minutes.

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