5 injured after Kava farming clash on Malaita

Five people were seriously injured after a fight over a portion of land used for Kava farming in Malobo village, West Kwara’ae on Tuesday.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Malaita Province, Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo said the incident happened after a father and his son cleared a portion of area to plant Kava.

However, another father and his two sons went in and planted Kava inside that same area.

PPC Riolo therefore said an argument escalated and the trio attacked the father who first cleared the Kava Garden.

His son after seeing his father fell to the ground, fought back against the three and in the process serious wounds were inflicted on each other.

Chief Superintendent Riolo said police have responded and currently investigating the wounding incident.

The five were transported to Kilu’ufi hospital for medical attention. Two among those injured were referred to the National Referral Hospital after their condition became serious.


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