40-yo arrested over bow & arrow attack

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Police in Auki have arrested a man in his 40s alleged of wounding another man with a machete and arrows.

As of yesterday, the victim is reportedly recovering but still in critical condition at the Kiluufi hospital.

The incident occurred at Parasi village, Tarapaina area, Small Malaita.

Malaita police commander Stanley Riolo said the incident is believed to be over disagreements between the accused and victim.

He said on Tuesday this week, the victim and another person were preparing cut-down logs for milling when they were attacked.

“The victim was operating a chainsaw when the accused approached, armed with a bush knife and bow & arrow, and struck at the victim from behind with the machete. The victim was wounded on his left shoulder. After, the accused went after the other person but he managed to escape.

“The suspect returned to the victim after chasing away the victim’s colleague, he shot an arrow into the wound (left ribs) of the victim and left him.”

Riolo said the victim’s partner ran and alerted men in the village who came to the victim’s assistance.

He said the victim was transported to Afio AHC for medical assistance while the matter was reported to Auki police.

Riolo said due to the seriousness of the wound, Doctor in-charge of Afio AHC referred the victim to Kilu’ufi hospital; he was transported to Auki on Tuesday evening.

Riolo said with team work from Parasi community, the villagers assisted in transporting the suspect to Su’u and handing him over to police yesterday.