40 years of independence and no change


A concerned citizen voices that Solomon Islands after 40 years of independence still hasn’t changed much.

Mr Solomon Wala of Malaita province expressed this to the paper yesterday.

He explained that back in 1978, when the country first gained its independence, the independence celebration back then was not just colorful from Henderson to White River, but the capital was also clean.

Wala added that Solomon Islands is now 40 years old but Honiara remains very dirty and the peace experienced in the past is non-existent today.

He emphasised that some recent developments also indicate that the country is also moving backwards.

Wala referred to CBSI’s newly introduced $40 note as an example.

He pointed out that instead of a new $40 note, why not the announcements of a new $200 note to show that we are moving forward.

“40 years after independence and we are moving backwards,” said Wala.

He mentioned that if Honiara benefited from previous governments we should see changes.

Wala furthered that our capital should look better and much cleaner after 40 years of being an independent country yet this is not the case.

“This means that something is not right,” said Wala.

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