3rd anti-logging premier faces motion


A month after announcing his intentions of banning logging in the Central Province, Provincial premier, Stanley Manetiva is staring down the face of a motion of no confidence against his government.

This was confirmed by the Speaker of the Central Islands Provincial Assembly, Francis Moah yesterday who said he has allowed a motion of no-confidence against the Provincial Premier Manetiva, to be moved in the full assembly meeting on 23rd in March.

He said the Provincial Assembly Member for Ward 8 , Polycarp Galaigu will move the no-confidence motion against the current Executive.

A close source informed Island Sun last night that the non-executive MPA’s handed a seven-day notice to the Assembly speaker on March 9 2021 expressing lack of confidence in the premier.

 Speaker Moah said he has accepted the request although he received the letter on the 15th March 2021 and he is still not in the position to reveal Mr. Galaigu grounds for moving the motion, but he has put it on notice on 16th March to the general public.

A spokesman from the non-executive said that all opponents and critics of the current ruling government led by Manetiva had been waiting to move a motion of no confidence.

They hope that the non-executive will have the numbers to oust manetiva.

When contacted Premier Manetiva last night said he was aware of the letter submitted to the speaker about the motion of no confidence against him.

“I was informed by my speaker over this motion and I have accepted the motion,” said Premier.

He said “If my government comes into play, they will switch because they have the power and trust in me to lead the people of Central.

He said the number of his side remains at 10 and on the non-executive side there are only three.

“I don’t know what will happen next because all my trust is on my government side who elected me as a premier.

He said what the non-executive are planning is their own making and respects their democratic right.

Early this month, Premier Manetiva made a bold statement when he revealed that his government’s policy and in tune to their business audience interest, they will not allow any foreign or locals to operate logging activities on Ngella and the province.

“My government plans are to develop Ngella in tourism and boost Agriculture and Fisheries and not logging and mining.

Other two Provincial Premiers with strong anti-logging stands that have faced motion of no confidence includes the Premiers of Malaita and Guadalcanal provinces.

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