2014 White Paper important: Rodie


THE Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development says that the 2014 White Paper is an important document that plays an important role in the reinvigoration of the country’s education ambitions and development.

Dr Franco Rodie said the document accommodates pathways that would elevate education development through establishing suitable policies.

“For example, the strategic direction of our education system under the new Framework for Education was outlined in the White Paper that was developed in 2014.

“The new Education Framework clarifies the role of the Ministry of Education in governance and strategic management, policy formulation, approval, implementation and monitoring,” he said.

Rodie adds that 2016-2030 Strategic Framework and the five-year cycle of National Education Action Plan is another product of the 2014 White Paper.

“The Education Strategic Framework 2016-2030 and the five-year cycle National Education Action Plan enshrine our expectations, aspirations and hope for a better education system.

“These provided us with a very sound set of foundation for our direction which includes;

“To build upon best practices and set a framework for development of education into the future, against a background of a society facing rapid change.

“To establish an agenda for change and development within the education sector

“To give and empowering sense of direction and definition of relationship between the Ministry of Education and all partners in education. This working relationship is critical as we progress into the future.

“To build an exclusive structure for the education system and should be included significant organisational development.

“To allow for flexibility to meet particular needs and circumstances, respect, legitimate rights and responsibilities amongst the partners and the different level within our education system,” he said.

Rodie said the education system has been working towards addressing some of the challenges that continues to put pressure on education ambition and aspiration.

He said the existing undertakings have continued over the past 10 years to address lots of huge challenges that exist before.

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