Surgical ward urgently need wheel chairs

DEAR EDITOR, sometime last week I raise the issue on wheel chairs for the surgical ward and may be for other wards as well, hoping that someone out there, whether the Ministry responsible, State Owned Enterprises (SOE) or any genuine company willing fully got the message and came to our rescue, however, nobody take heed of the message or perhaps have not seen the small appeal I was trying to put across on behalf of the 50 or so patients at the Surgical Ward.

Please note that at the Surgical Ward it accommodate and caters for our brothers/sisters patients whose legs and foot being amputated, serious accidentals cases with fractured legs and skulls and many more.

As you are reading this letter, the situation at the Surgical Ward regarding movement of Patients to and from their bed is becoming a terrible and chronic issue for the patients here. You seen patients barricade themselves with blankets to either pass urine or in serious case release his or her waste matters on his/her bed. This is very unhygienic and sometimes culturally sensitive, but these occurrences are natural and normal at the Surgical Ward.

Therefore, I am putting this appeal again to you all good business Houses and companies, State Owned Enterprises out there, or even the Ministry of Health & Medical Services to seriously consider purchasing at least 5 to 10 Wheel Chairs for the Surgical Ward or in the case of genuine companies to DONATE Wheel Chairs to these very poor and sick patients. If one Church could donate a few some 15 years ago why not the money making machines, you companies who’s making millions of money from our resources in the country donate something back to the community such as our Surgical Ward at the National Referral Hospital.

This is a very genuine appeal and challenge to all of you out there, whether you have a genuine heart towards and for our Patients at the Hospital.

God bless our Patients and Hospital.

Star Dora

Bed 24, Surgical Ward

National Referral Hospital

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