Support article ‘grants hidden from public eyes’

DEAR EDITOR, I write to support the Island sun newspaper headline written by former MP Mr Alfred Sasako dated Monday 09th July 2018 concerning the above headline subject.

It is really sad and shocking to see these hidden transactions by our honest members of parliaments I applaud Mr Sasako and his team for a job very well done, for informing the public at large, nation and the whole world that we are still way back in our fight against corruption.

Those transactions have been on the table for the past 5 years and the responsible authorities have done nothing about.

Without Mr. Sasako these unlawful transactions would be stay hidden forever.

Let’s review ourselves of the words of a former Priminister and speaker of parliament once   said during his term in office;

  • “No one is above the law
  • Government by the people and for the people
  • Without people there is no Government.

Solomon Island is an independence state with its legal system, I want to ask hence, it is our legal system functioning?

Or just for the ordernary citizen and not for the MPs this is disgracing and unbelievable.

We call on the current Government the MCC unite in the Priminister’s office and POLICE JANUS taskforce to forcefully and thoroughly investigate these serious allegations and severely deal with those responsible they must be brought to justice and punished like any other citizen of the happy isles

We want to take this opportunity to call on all eligible voters of this nation to be responsible in your voting, take note that some of our current MPs are selfish and worried only of building their empires.

We feather call on the Government to do away with RCDF and other funds and redirect through responsible ministries, so that the Rural People can benefit from what is really theirs.

Our good lord once said – ‘return unto Ceaser what is Ceaser’s.

Give back to the rural people what is theirs and not feed the MPs pockets.

Peter Wale

Randi Honiara

SIPCRRA Media Unit

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