Shortage of medicine in stock

DEAR EDITOR, when the essential ministries like the ministry of health that provide live-saving services for the entire population are become non-functioning incurring of life threating issue as shortage of drugs for medical treatment is only indicate well the poor attitude of the national government leadership towards its own citizens. .

The situation has enormously raised questions to the politician MPs who mandated the government of the day to come out clear and state where is the policy implementation priorities of the government are invested when the live saving health service of the people who voted them in the political power is concerned?

While the medical staff who are directly working in the national hospital looking after the national medicine store in our country are in a great concern, raising the issue of shortage of drugs -life-threating issue to the attention of the government, the Prime Minister represent the political government of the day continue to denying the situation with the PS of ministry of health is so confusing, however, it only reflect poorly on the leaders that want to cover up the attitudes of negligence of duties that victimize and deprive the rights of the poor citizens towards quality health services..

The poor medical services is a common issue in the country and this can be seen clearly in our NRH in which lack of live saving machines for blood testing and surgeries in our national hospital despise a lot of call by hospital authorities and public for financial assistance from the national government.

The national government failed to address health issue in our country.

Today the issue of shortage of medical drugs come to an accumulating point due to the prolong negligence of duty by the national government through under budgeting for the future medical services prosperity of this ntion.

The national budget passed at the early part of the year 2018 has indicated very clearly the financial budget priorities of our politicians in our government in which 50 percent budget increase only secured within the Ministry of rural development while other essential ministries such as the ministry of health that provide important services to the people nation-wide experience nothing.

The ministry of rural development is a newly introduced ministry in the government approved by the politicians MPs.

All funding within the ministry come under the discretion of the MPs.

Since the establishment of MRD misused of funds by politicians within the ministry become common without any tangible development happen in the constituencies nationwide.

The nation will continue to suffer with its basic services if our MPs continue to serve themselves with public funds intended to benefit people through the formulating of unfair national policies that create environment for financial corruption within the government leadership.

Who are we going to blame?


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