Rubbish disposal in Honiara

DEAR EDITOR, as a concern citizen of the Solomon Islands, I kindly urge the responsible authority to carry out their responsibility regarding how people dispose their rubbish in and around Honiara.

Rubbish in and around streets of Honiara are now in large piles. These degrades the beauty of our capital, as the rubbish gives out bad odour and unhygienic living environment.

Please good citizens of the Happy Isle, avoid such irresponsible, “no care attitudes” and be responsible for your own mess.

Rubbish should be disposed in its proper dumpsites.

With this, the responsible authority such as bins and proper dumpsites.

With this, the responsible authority such as city should patrol in and around the streets of Honiara regularly in order to monitor that people in and around Honiara dispose their rubbish properly.

To make sure that our capital is beautiful with comfortable and hygienic environment.

I kindly ask the public to put a stop on such improper and careless rubbish disposal attitudes but to be responsible for their own garbage.

The responsible authority should implement policies regarding rubbish disposal matters to keep Honiara clean and beautiful. Therefore, this issue should be dealt with as soon as possible.

All in all as citizen of the Solomon Islands, each and every individual should be responsible to control rubbish disposal issue in Honiara.

Dalcie Teirara

USP Emalus Campus

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