Romancing the registration process

DEAR EDITOR, the europhia of excitement draws its curtain down on the registration process.

Never before you’ll feel and witness the excitement that surrounds the process.

Amid this, there is something cynical hanging in the air – kind of eerie, so to speak.

Obviously, on the ground, its tug-of-war between the “have’s” and the “have-not’s” – reminiscing that of the biblical Goliath vs. David duel.

Thanks to the cunning wizardry of mega-buck jolly-shops for tilting the dice at a higher peck.

Coincidently, great sympathy to those new candidates, it’s more of a wild goose-chase, sort of.

There is no longer a level playing field. But who dare cares? Frankly, an ailing nation, dogged by dysfunctional governance.

Alas, already news of ships and truck loads whizzing simultaneously to-and-fro with supporters vying to woo the numbers despite the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission’s lacklustre stance on transfers.

An issue viewed by some experts as seemingly trumping on the fundamental rights in the Constitution.

In the capital, the level of intensity is gaining momentum as 27th deadline draws near. Key master-minders of intending candidates, anticipating a handsome kickback for their relentless efforts, would prey on their victims.

Many of whom would smile away satisfied after what seemingly a horse-trade sequel.

Sadly though, many not knowing fully well that their ill-thought choices would have long-term ramifications on the nation’s well-being.

What a romance this registration, more than ever before, brings about?

For good or bad, the ball is in our courts.

Jay Leemans,


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