Ngati please provide acquittal report

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DEAR EDITOR, I wish to respond to the above call and demand by Reginald Ngati as appeared in the Monday, April 2, issue of the Island Sun newspaper.

The audit of the 2013 – 2016 SINU Accounts (which includes the SINUSA funds) is completed by the Office of the Auditor General.

Reginald Ngati and his group are welcome to view the report from the university Finance Department.

Accounts for 2017 are also being prepared by the Accounts Department for submission to the Office of the Auditor General.

Likewise and in keeping with the spirit of the above call by Reginald Ngati, I am also asking him to provide an acquittal report of the funds below that was released to them from the SINUSA funds held with the Finance Department during their five months term (November 2017 – February 2018) in office.

Please see the table below for more information.

Date Payment Description Payable to Amount
08.11.2017 4 x days Sound system hire for student election campaign Floyd Bare       8,000.00
10.11.2017 Cash Prizes for student inter schools game Jimmy Luitolo     21,200.00
10.11.2017 Pmt for Referee in charge of student inter game Jimmy Luitolo       9,813.00
10.11.2017 Umpires allowance for netball games Jimmy Luitolo     15,200.00
10.11.2017 Trophy and medals for students inter game Lili Beauty Saloon     13,780.00
16.11.2017 SINUSA General Clean up on Friday 10.11.2017 Hellen Natowan       5,000.00
22.11.2017 SINUSA Executive and students council meeting refreshment Max Elijah       3,000.00
22.11.2017 Student union by Churches closing party Reginal Ngati     20,000.00
04.12.2017 Printing of T Shirt for Student inter tertiary game competition Majala Printing Ltd     10,500.00
04.12.2017 Pmt for 18 x Jersey/Short combo plus numbering Solomon Islands Football Federation       2,530.00
04.12.2017 Meals, Breakdown for inter tertiary games for SINU Students who Participate Reginal Ngati     19,500.00
06.12.2017 SINUSA Executive sitting allowance Individual Cheques       8,000.00
11.12.2017 SINUSA Council Sitting Allowance for 5 Meetings Individual Cheques     11,250.00
19.12.2017 SINUSA Council Allowance for 5 x meeting Chris Toata       1,250.00
09.02.2018 Salary for SINUSA secretary PPE: 26.01.2018 Hellen Natowan       1,446.48

Donald Malasa

Former Pro Vice-Chancellor [Corporate]

Solomon Islands National University