New deal before Parasi reopens

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DEAR EDITOR, I wish to make clarifications and respond to the statement made over the Solomon Star yesterday by Mr John Iroi of Apunemwali Tribe in Small Malaita.

First of all I wish to make clarifications on the point that John Iroi himself proclaiming that he is the paramount chief of Apunemwali Tribe.

According to chiefly system of Small Malaita, a single tribe does not have a paramount chief, the paramount chief’s position can only be decided by the Chief’s Council of Small Malaita and not for a single chief or any Tom Dick and Harry along the streets of Afio or Honiara for that matter to claim this position.

As far as the Hoasitaimwane Council of chiefs is concerned, there is not at any time the council has appointed Mr John Iroi as a Paramount chief or a tribal chief of Apunemwali Tribe.

We only recognise Mr David Roroi as the Head Chief of Apunemwali tribe which John Iroi has a connection through a female line genealogy.

As the Chairman to the Hoasitaimwane Council of Chiefs in Asimae of Small Malaita wish to advise John Iroi not to mislead our good people with his con strategies for recognitions. Our Council of Chiefs do not recognise you as a tribal leader nor a paramount chief as claimed.

Secondly, as Chairman of the Hoasitaimwane council of chiefs of Small Malaita, I also wish to make clarifications on the matter that Mr John Iroi is also claiming his connections to Parasi Airport Land ownership.

I want to inform our people at home and in Honiara and elsewhere, and the country as a whole that Mr Iroi has no connections with the Parasi Airport.

Parasi Airport has now opened and is ready for the Solomon Airlines to have its first flights in a month time.

Mr Iroi and his brothers as alluded in the media do not own a single inch in Parasi Land, none.

If Mr Iroi has been propelled by someone to make delay tactics to the government projects such as Parasi, then it’s more wise and better for them to refrain from doing such moves as we the Council of chiefs have no room for such childish game.

We want development to reach our lands and to build economic viability to our children’s future in Small Malaita.

Should Mr Iroi wish to claim such land ownership, he should come home and make appointments to see our council of Chiefs of Hoasitaimwane so that we can place him in his rightful place.

I am now asking Mr John Iroi to stop misleading people and the government on such very important projects as Parasi Airport.

I am asking the Ministry of Aviation and the Task Force not to listen to him but continue to pursue Parasi Airport to its official opening this year.


Edmond Maumeu

Chairman to Hoasitaimwane Council of Chiefs.

Matangasi Village