Malaita Land Summit: A response to Mr David Welch’s letter (20 November 2018)

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I write to thank David Welch for his lengthy and somewhat tongue in cheek reply to my letter of 19 November referring to a complaint that I had received from a youth that had attended the Land Summit.

I appreciate being appraised of the manner in which the Summit was conducted and David’s assurances that all participants were accorded the time and opportunity to contribute to the items for discussion.

Perhaps, the youth that wrote to me will follow-up the suggestion of sending more information to the Land Summit’s Organization Committee to set the record straight.

Let me say I do appreciate the fact that the Land Summit was held and agree with David’s view that land issues can and should be held to consider views and opinions in an amicable way.

If there are others that might hold the same views as expressed by my young correspondent then I would ask them to write and tell David their feelings and to say why they felt that way given the explanation of the conduct of the Summit now fairly presented to me.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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