Lawson Tama for all sports

Lawson Tama Stadium. Photo supplied.
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HONIARA City Council (HCC) Sports Department has cleared that the council’s intention was for all sports to similarly use the Lawson Tama stadium.

HCC Sports Director Fox Qwaina told SunSPORTS in an interview this week.

“It has come to our attention that football does not allow any other individual sports to use the Lawson Tama grounds,” says Qwaina.

“But it is an HCC owned property and we want all sports to have access to the stadium since there are no training venues available.

With that, HCC is planning to use the field for athletic running tracks to host competitions this year.

The Solomon Island Football Federation (SIFF) assigned Lawson Tama’s turf manager Rubin Oimae is responsible for maintaining a strict regimen of care which includes chemical treatment and seed planting.

He said opening up the field to other sports risks damaging the ground he told ABC News recently in an interview.

Meanwhile, HCC is proposing a school sport carnival for individual sports in May this year.