Is Tina river hydro development real?

DEAR EDITOR, as a Tribal Chief, Member of a Tribe, Community member whom living along the Tina river since birth fall short to believe that the so-called Tina River Hydro development project is a real project.

It seems to most of us who still have “Land Outstanding Issues’’ whether pending in high court or chief hearing that government is using our resource for fundraising.

This short piece of script is meant to be given for purpose of the KK water, World Bank, Asian Development Bank or any Aid donors who committed their money for this project, please just don’t take the risk, our silence does not mean we fully support the undertaking, it simply means we are tired of being ignored, and tired of all the liars made by the Tina River Hydro Development project office and the Government of Solomon Islands our own Sovereign government.

Finally, stop any Tina River Hydro Development Related Activities.


Chief Peter Kolo

Tina, Bahomea, Malango Ward

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