Ignorance can lead to major problem or disaster

DEAR EDITOR, I write the above topic on my article because that’s what used to happen today in many organisations, whether in the Government Sector, Private Sector as well as institutions etc.

Usually, people with high positions and responsible for making decision on behalf of the organisations were sometimes ignorance and can creates problem to the organisations or even to the country as a whole which they somehow wrongly advices and think that they are so smart and know better than others, so they can’t listen to any body when someone was affected and needs fair justice.

Take for an example, the current strike or protest made by the students of SINU should not happen if things works out well with the students at the first place by accepting the student’s presidents and his committee dealing with the welfares of the students.

But it is because of continues ignorance’s by the school administration and management for having dialogue and round table discussions over the issues that is why students choose to take this action, and that’s the only way or avenue they think it is appropriate for they to take so that the University Management and Government can addressed their outstanding issues at the end of the day.

So ignorance is a serious matter and it’s like a cancer that can kill and can also leads to disaster and major problems.

By now we should learn from our past mistakes the country have gone through, so let’s stop from practising Ignorance but be a responsible person that can solve problem when problem arises.

The issues in which the student have raised to the University Administration and Management is not a new issue.

These   issues had been there for so long, but never been addressed by the University Management despite several attempts had been made by student representative for dialogue and negotiation with the school management but was failed or in other words all their request for dialogue was fell in deaf ear.

Students are our future leaders.

They should not be ignored when dealing with matters regarding their welfares, they should be treated fairly as anybody.

We are all human beings and we need equal justice.

Finally, and again I repeat stop practicing ignorancy,but be a responsible person for problem solving, otherwise everybody has the legal rights under the constitution the supreme law of the country that they must be treated justly and fairly.

Yours sincerely

Hendry Kahui


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