Government plans to ban rice import

DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the above said subject matter at page 2 of your paper issue No 3036 dated Wed 17 Oct 2018.

It says that the Government plans to ban imported rice because “…the government believes eating rice contributes to the spread of infections from Non Communicable disease (NCD).” Para 5 page 2.

Further, it says the plan is to impose higher taxes to ” … discourage families to pay rice.”

Enough of such contradictions.

The plan is to ban, then, came the plan to impose higher taxes.

Who would believe such.

If it intends to ban, just do it.

If it is impossible because every Solomon islanders love that rice and that you don’t want to lose Sol Rais Company (believed to be locally owned or locally registered) and few Wakus who imported rice, don’t proclaim such.

Everybody heard it from doctors that rice is one of the main cause of diabetics and we would welcome the banning of rice.

We don’t believe it is going to be possible. It’s easy to say than do do.

Sincerely yours


Aaron Mane




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