Domestic violence

DEAR EDITOR, to be fair, acts of domestic violence can be committed against by both genders.

However, I am only basing this article on violence inflicted against women. In the Solomon Island, it is rare to see on the News headline about domestic violence against Women.

This is Because, women in the Solomon Island who have abusive Partners that assault them never report the matter to the police.

Two factors that contribute to this firstly, is our cultural perspective that Men are the head of the family and it will be a shame to report your own husband to law enforcement bodies and that doing so will result in a lot of negative comments from your community or society.

The second factor, is that many believe that this issue should not be taken to the law enforcement bodies as it is a family matter and should be dealt with privately through compensation or forgiveness between the two parties. However the question that women who are facing such situation should ask themselves is, how long will such treatment continue?

Therefore I urge women to stand and speak out, let our voice be heard to stop such action. Report your abusive partner to the police and show him that you have the strength to fight back.

You are not inferior to him and he is not your superior. Husbands and wives, partners should stand shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye.

Show your partner that you deserved to be treated with respect and equality and that you are no lesser than him.

Yours sincerely

Karen Tagalagi

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