Accountant Profession Recognition


It is very unfortunate that in S.I. Public Service, qualified Accountants are paid below other professions especially in our government public service. In Fiji, accountants are the highest paid profession in both public and private sectors.

The key and fundamental reason is that accountants are professionals who are able and has the technical capabilities to create and generate new income/investments for organisations or companies to flourish.

They are directly responsible to the key vital resources (finance/money) of running the operation any business. Accountants must be well paid so that they are induced and motivated to manage business finances well, create income/investment opportunities, coordinate and create good financial budgets, maintain good cash management and implement good governance of financial management.

It is quite clear that because of the lack of government accountants’ recognition, the government budget was not well coordinated, prepared and managed.   Reason being that most of the qualified and experienced government accountants have left public service to join private sector for better remuneration and recognition.


Manuel Wuri


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