100 police vehicles

DEAR EDITOR, in reference to 100 vehicles for police force as stated by Police Commissioner, note a good number of them are garaged and used by senior police administrators during office hours and after working hours.

Those Executive Police Officers who are supposed to be eligible to garage Police vehicles are those four or five high ranked executive officers from Permanent Secretary, Police Commissioner, his Deputy and Controller of Prison.

At least only four or five vehicles should be garaged by administrators at the executive levels while the rest to be used by police operations.

Also, all police vehicles must be labelled “Police” including those administer executive vehicles.

Those vehicles are public government vehicles hence G-plates do not provide better responsibilities and accountabilities on the vehicles.

Moreover, due to government’s current financial constraint, Police Commissioner should proactively re-allocate all those police vehicles for operation purposes in order to fully utilise those vehicles to maximise full productivity.

Our people wish to see more police vehicles on daily operation activities.

J Diau


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