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Work with both govts, Seleso tells people of Guadalcanal

Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, Rollen Seleso


MINISTER for Provincial Government (MPGSI) Rollen Seleso has called on Guadalcanal people to work ‘collaboratively’ with their provincial and national governments.

Seleso said this partnership will result in having Guadalcanal’s joint efforts recognised. 

“I wish to appeal to all churches, community leaders, youth reps, business houses, NGOs and civil society organisations to work collaboratively with the Provincial Government and our National Government so that our joint efforts can be recognised through the achievement of our sustainable development goals.

“We must commit one another in out pursuit for economic prosperity. In this manner, our Island, our pride and our future can be secured for our own wellbeing and that of our future generation,” he said.

“We will continue to provide support and to ensure that the people of this province should benefit from the assistance the national government is providing.”

Premier for Guadalcanal Provincial government Francis Sade said few of the many challenges the province is facing have been identified; he urged his people to work together with his government to address them.

“I have identified are a few of the many challenges that our Province and country face. So, my good people of Guadalcanal, while we celebrate our achievements, we must also work to address our challenges.

“The Guadalcanal Provincial Government is ready and willing to work with you in partnerships to championing development. I also appeal to the National Government and Development Partners to work with us to create new and alternative futures for our province and country,” Sade said.

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