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Women press for progress, so do men

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INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day (IWD) is fast approaching and once again achievements of women past and present will be celebrated with the theme “Press for Progress”.

Solomon Islands women have come a long way in a short time frame.

‘Breaking through the glass ceiling’ is the term which WDD Director Pauline Soaki used to describe women who are now occupying positions usually occupied by men.

Needless to say, some people might be skeptical of IWD and some might even say ‘olowe nomoa?’

Often we hear that ‘this women rights thing is getting to our women’s head that they don’t listen to their husbands anymore and that it is a waste of time’.

Humans as we are, these are the very challenges faced by women thus the theme ‘Press for progress’ is very appropriate.

Women’s struggles are real and only empathetic people will understand where women are coming from.

Despite the challenges, our men should also be commended for trying their best to support our women.

The road hasn’t been easy for everyone.

As we strive for equality, let us be professionals and act like professionals in our areas of work as well as in our homes.

Let us not fight against each other but support each other. Women don’t gossip nor back bite but empower one another.

As we commemorate IWD, women let us also take the time to salute our men and ourselves. Together we work hand in hand for the development of our country.

On this note, Island Sun newspaper will be featuring an exclusive centerpiece spread of some women who had ‘broke through the glass ceiling’ in tomorrow’s paper, thank you to Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs and UN Women.

Happy celebrations olketa mere. #PressForProgress

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