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Western province leads women caucus program



WESTERN Provincial Government has been the first province to endorse and accept the Women Caucus Leadership Program.

The province is waiting for the final Terms of Reference document with promise and throws more support towards the implementation of the program.

Earlier this year, women representing wards across Western Province highlighted key provincial women’s priorities and made recommendations on how to address the agendas during a dialogue with Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs).

The dialogue between the 16 women leaders and 26 MPAs centred on priority outcome areas of the Western Province Women’s Empowerment and Transformation Policy for Development.

UN Women, Honiara Based representative Ms Audrey Manu confirmed that Western Province has endorsed Women Caucus program with seven women already appointed to implement the program.

She said Malaita and Guadalcanal provinces are still in a process to formalize and endorse the Women Caucus Terms of Reference documents.

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