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Voter queries sharing of housing materials


A voter has questioned the distribution of materials to constituents of Small Malaita constituency under its housing project.

This after the voter missed out on benefiting from the Rural Constituency Development Funds (RCDF) for the last two years.

The voter, who asked not to be named, claimed only supporters of the Member of Parliament, Rick Hou have collected authorisation letters from the Constituency Office to collect materials from the supplier, JQY.

“This is really unfair to the people of Small Malaita.

“The distribution of the RCDF should not be politicised but open to every voter that applied,” the voter said.

The voter urged the Constituency office to approve letters of other voters who applied for projects as well.

However, Constituency Development Officer, Terry Brown said the distribution of materials is based on a policy.

Brown said under the policy, the Constituency provide materials to constituents who have timbers to complete their houses or constituents that build their houses and could not complete them.

He said each chairperson of the 12 zones in the constituency have to submit lists of recipients to the Constituency office for approval before distribution takes place.

“We provide materials for 10 to 12 houses in each zone,” he said.

Further to that, Brown said it is hard to identify who are the supporters of the MP or not because of the new electoral system where counting is based on batches and not individual ballot boxes.

“If anything goes wrong in the distribution to recipients, then the zones’ chairpersons should know,” he said.

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