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UNDP pledges commitment to work with SIG

Ms Azusa Kubota, Country Manager of the UNDP Solomon Islands



THE United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) Head Office in Solomon Islands has pledged its commitment to work collaboratively with the Solomon Islands Government and other stakeholders.

UNDP Solomon Islands Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota made the assurance in the presence of Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Hon Bradley Tovosia, stakeholders and recipient of the SIWSAP.

Kubota said, “As a partner in this sector, UNDP remains committed to working collaboratively with SIG, development partners, NGOs, private sector and local communities.”

Six recipient of the SIWSAP consisted of three from rural communities and three from urban centres; they have undergone a two-day water forum which ended with recommendations and ways forward.

Positive aspect about the SIWSAP, Kubota said, is it impacts the lives of people at rural areas towards addressing some of the challenges faced by communities and urban areas across six pilot and replica sites.

She adds, the project supports the formulation of Water Sector-Climate Change Adaptation Response Plans and integrate them in water sector-related and in broader policy and development framework.

“The project aims to increase reliability and improving quality of water supply in targeted areas, invested in cost-effective and adaptive water management interventions and technology transfers,” Kubota said.

She also adds, SIWSAP has envisioned improving governance and knowledge management in water sectors at the local and national level.

“Today, SIWSAP made visible contribution to strengthen early warning and disaster management capacities both at the local, provincial and national level through provision of hardware investments,” Kubota said.

“These systems are compatible with early warning infrastructure under management by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services, providing expanded capacity and continuity in the country.”

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