Undersea cable to be split in Aussie waters

By Mike Puia

THE two-head undersea cable that promises faster and cheaper internet to Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea might be split in Australian waters.

Solomon Islands is prepared to pay about $30 million to get one head of the cable from Australian waters into the country.

From Honiara, the cable will be extended to Auki in Malaita, Noro in the Western Province and Taro in Choiseul Province.

The Ministry of Finance and Treasury has appropriated $150 million under its 2018 appropriation bill 2018 to support this project.

The money is with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI). It is intended to activate the Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands (ICSI) as part of the project.

The Australian government has engaged workers through a tender process to manage this project on its behalf.

Workers are expected to begin actual work next month.

The Australian government is likely to provide money to cater for about 66 percent of the costs associated with the project.

The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) is a stakeholder in this project and might also provide money for this project.

The government has until next month to accept or reject this project.

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