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Tender process for lock-up shops questioned



THE tender process to obtain an opportunity to run business at the Central Market lock-up shop has been questioned.

Number of reports have been raised stating that the allocation of awards to run the Lock-up shops has been unfair.

Concerned citizens took their frustration to popular social media network group YUMI TOK TOK Forum to express their disappointment.

Thread under the post accommodates vital information and first hand testimonies of citizens who have tried their luck without success in numbers of occasions.

A poster alleged that money has been at play in the previous tender process and selection of winning bidders to run the lock-up shops.

Another poster adds that some of the lock-up shops are owned by few top officials within Honiara City Council.

Source familiar with the issue said the lock-up shops have price tags worth 10 to 50 thousand, and that the money is normally at play during the tender and selection process.

The source alleged that top officials within HCC are also behind unfair decisions that leave genuine bidders emptyhanded.

Source said the ongoing practice highly demonstrates misuse of power, roles, responsibility and money, saying that this needs proper investigation.

The source strongly emphasised that investigation must be carried out so that interested bidders share the benefit of the public facilities.

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