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Taro-Korovou officers query border claim

SIPEU’s General Secretary, Robert Au.

By Mike Puia

POLICE officers from Choiseul province and Shortland islands, in the Western province, are querying their border claim.

The claim relates to their service at the border with Papua New Guinea during the Bougainville crisis of 1988-1998.

About 40 officers who are part of the Taro-Korovou team made this claim known following reports the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union (SIPEU) is pursuing the government to compensate government workers who had been involved in the border operations.

Interim chairman of the group, Patrick Mudano, said they are still waiting on the government.

Only police officers who were on the frontline were compensated by the government.

SIPEU’s General Secretary, Robert Au, revealed many government workers risked their lives during the crisis but are yet to be compensated.

He said government workers who served under marine, quarantine, immigrations and customs who also risked their lives are still waiting.

Au said these officers who are yet to be compensated played a vital service during the crisis.

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