Talifilu: democracy is worth standing for



ADVISOR to Premier Daniel Suidani, Celsius Talifilu stressed to the public in Auki yesterday that democracy is worth standing for.

He made the statement during a reception held in Auki yesterday to welcome premier Suidani home.

Part of the crowd at Auki Market where speeches are made during the welcome ceremony yesterday.

Talifilu told the people that the reception organized to welcome Suidani showed what freedom is, this is freedom, this is how people should happy about good things.

He said Malaitans deserve good things and “who will stop it from them?”

Premier Daniel Suidani’s advisor, Mr Celsius Talifilu is presented with a traditional club from Sisifiu dancers during the welcome ceremony yesterday.

Talifilu said for those that might stop good things from Malaitan or even the system, they must be wrong.

“This is Malaitans and they want good things too. And we deserve to be recognised as people who have faith in ourselves.

Premier Daniel Suidani meets members of his executive upon his arrival at Auki wharf yesterday.

“Malaita is our land and will be ours forever, no system and no man will stop us from what we want for our land,” he said.

Talifilu told the people that if they look at history, bad things never last. The WW1, WW2 and other wars they all died. Only goodness will prevail.

“Whatever good things that will come, let us perfect it. No one will come and deprive us from these things.

The street of Auki is pack with people as they process to Auki Market where speeches are made.

“As I always say, any system that come upon us, it must help us and not to deprive us.

“Our voice must always be heard and that’s what we are and what we’ll always be,” he said.

Talifilu said that during their trip, they saw and come across people who uphold humanity as humanity.

Suidani and members of his delegation receive shell money gifts from the people of Malaita yesterday.

He said the Taiwanese government through their president has seen the premier as brother and there are those who out there in the world who see that freedom and democracy is worth standing for it.

Talifilu urged Malaitans to remain steadfast in their stand for democracy for there are lots of people out there who also stand and believe in democracy.

Hundreds of people turned up in provincial capital Auki to give Suidani a “hero’s welcome”.

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