“Taiwan is a friend indeed”: Suidani



PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani says Taiwan is still a true friend and an old friend which had supported Solomon Islands a lot during her 36yrs diplomatic tie with the country.

Suidani made the statement when asked on his allegiance and relationship with Taiwan.

In response, he described Taiwan as an old friend that Solomon Islands has held ties with for 36 years and a friendship that people won’t just forget.

He said despite the switch, last year the Malaita Provincial Government had asked them for support and they responded positively with supply of medical equipment to support the provincial health during the covid-19 period.

Adding that the support provided was delivered to rural communities and people down there had benefited from it.

Suidani said this is a support from an old friend and something that people in the province cannot just easily forget.

He said Taiwan again supported him to heal when the national government had turned down the offer to support his medical trip overseas early this year.

“During my time of medical need, I asked the national government to assist in the cost of my medical treatment in Australia, however, they didn’t respond within three months.

“And as a sick patient I cannot wait that long and turned to Taiwan to support me,” Suidani said.

He said this is how he got the support and it’s a Taiwanese humanitarian assistance and not selective based on politics and other issues that people may think off.

“I did not only receive the humanitarian support because I am from Solomon Islands. There are friends out there who believe in the same principles and respect that Taiwan does have.

“They are friends who have democratic believes and norms just the same as we do. And Taiwan’s aid to my medication trip was because we are friends.

“A friend that is there to support people when people are in need, like my experience,” Suidani said.

He commended Taiwan for the vanished diplomatic tie and support rendered to the people of Solomon Islands during the course of the 36 years friendship.

Suidani said there were lot of things they had supported the country and if the leaders would think development, lot of tangible progresses should have been done on Malaita province and the country.

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