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Suidani says his government remains stronger

Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani



PREMIER Daniel Suidani says his government is rock solid and ready to take on any motion of no confidence should there be one in the future.

Suidani made the statement in response to a question raised during his awareness talk at Kilusakwalo village on the strength of his government.

As well as the notion that it is only a few months left to make it to 12 months after his last motion of no confidence was defeated.

He said MARA government had already defeated two motions and should there be any motion, he did not know, but they are prepared to defeat any motion.

Suidani said very soon one of their MPAs, Claudio Te’efi will leave to contest the West Kwaio seat and that will live them with 16 MPAs on the executive.

He said his replacement is ready and as long as he leaves the eyed MPA will fill in his space.

Suidani said there are rumors by some people that another motion is likely.

“If so, let it be,” he added.

He said the MARA government has faced two motions and if there is another, this is the only provincial government of Malaita to face three motions in a single term.

“The funny thing is, if another motion looms, how many more years do they want to rule while our term will lapse by mid next year. It makes no sense.

“However, if there is another motion as the law provides for, we welcome it,” Suidani said.

Suidani reiterated the strength of his government and assures of his continuous bold stand on issues of concern to the people of Malaita province.

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