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SIPA refutes claims against CEO

CEO of SIPA Mr Eranda Kotelawala.


SOLOMON Ports has refuted allegations CEO Eranda Kotelawala shipped out company vehicle during his recent travel overseas to attend to his mother’s 100 days celebration.

Solomon Ports when responding to queries on the claim said the vehicle in question was not a company vehicle, but Kotelawala’s private car.

“We would like to refute claims he took the company vehicle with him when he left for his home country,” Solomon Port said in a statement.

“The truth is he never took any company vehicle with him,” the statement added.

“The company vehicle in reference to was parked at his official parking spot here at the SIPA headquarters during the whole duration of his leave, and to commemorate his mother’s 100 days.

“That was his own private vehicle, not a company vehicle. His official company vehicle is still here.”

SI Ports said the Rav4 was his private and has nothing to do with SIPA and not in any way connected to SIPA.

Meanwhile, CEO Kotelawala also said the vehicle was his private vehicle.

“It was my personal vehicle and it was sold here, there was nothing purchased from Ports,” Kotelawala said.

CEO Kotelawala has already returned to the country and has resumed normal duties as of Monday this week.

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