Siota’s poor results irks Premier


CENTRAL Islands (CIP) Provincial Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni questions why Siota Provincial Secondary School (PSS) has produced poor examination results during the past three years.

He said out of the whole province, Siota PSS has the highest number of high qualified teachers beginning with Masters Degree and only a few Diplomas’, yet the school’s academic performance is very low.

“Why is that?” questioned the Premier over teacher’s qualification.

“Compared to the other secondary schools in the province, most teachers are only Diploma, Certificate and TIT’s. Yet these schools produce good academic results compared to Siota PSS last year.

“Siota PSS last year is also reported to have been overstaffed in which students should have all the privilege to learn.”

The current new School Administration for Siota PSS, CIP’s Education Authority and the Executive Government of the province have already met this week to rectify issues affecting the school.

“We have already identified areas where we will be working on which includes meetings to be always held by the School Administration and the Board of Management, an area that lacked during the past two years contributing to the problems faced by the school,” said Vasuni.

According to the Provincial Education Officer (PEO) for CIP Mr Charles Kasuni, all senior posts of the school have now been changed and they are looking forward to working closely with the new School Administration and Provincial Government to improve the Premier school of the province.

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