Shortlands constituency

DEAR EDITOR, the elections are coming up and as a member of the Shortlands Constituency I wish to raise the following questions to the current Member of Parliament with regard to constituency matters and funds that are channelled through him as our Member of Parliament in the name of Shortlands constituency.

Shipping Grant

I call on the Member of Parliament for Shortlands constituency to explain to the people of   Shortlands constituency the status of the ship for Shortlands constituency.

In 2016, the constituency was given $4,000,000 for the purchase of buying a ship for the constituency. To date, there is no constituency ship serving the people of Shortlands constituency. According to the information people in the constituency have, it is alleged that the Member of Parliament for Shortlands constituency used the $4,000,000.00 to buy an old ship of Hon Steve Abana, the MV Malulata.

I am calling on the MP to please explain to the people of Shortlands the real story about the shipping grant and why buy an old ship and what happened to the $4 million of the taxpayers and when will Shortland have the ship. It is only fair that we do know before the election.

Questionable use of RCDF

I call on the Member of Parliament for Shortlands constituency to explain to the people of the constituency how he used the CDF. There are many outboard engines being delivered but no canoes. The engines are very powerful ones and inconvenient in most cases and require fuel.

We want the MP to explain how he has used the Shortlands constituency’s RCDF.

Constituency Development Officer’s Mansion in Tuvaruhu

I call on the CDO to explain to the people of Shortlands how he is able to build such a big mansion with his salary. We would like to know how he acquired money to build that expensive house, given that his salary would understandably not be able to afford it. Did he loan for the capital.

I call on the police to investigate how and where he got the money from to build the house.

This is the reason why we support the inclusion of unexplained wealth in the Anti-Corruption Act to deal with people who suddenly become wealthy especially when they have access to the CDF as in this case.

Expensive Cars and Expensive Overseas Trips of the MP’s wife

I call on the MP to explain to the people where the money come from to fund the frequent overseas trips that the MP’s wife makes to Australia, Fiji etc and how they own three very expensive vehicles.

The salary of the MP is not enough to pay for these so the MP needs to explain so that we are assured the funds used to purchase these do not come from funds allocated through him for the constituencies. I call on responsible authorities to investigate this because it is not fair on the constituency and the tax payers if this is how CDF has been used by the MP.

I call on the MP to make all his retirement for the 9th and 10th Parliament available to the people of the constituency.

Derick Pako


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