Second youth peace forum in Auki



THE second youth peace building innovation forum is currently hosted in Auki, starting yesterday.

During the official opening ceremony, guest speaker Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare stressed the importance of the forum saying that it is an important avenue for youths to discuss issues affecting them.

“We have been under British protectorate for 85 years where they have been protecting us under their supervisions.

“As we have been gaining independence in 1978 we are now 40 years old where we should look after ourselves and try to create our opportunities especially in sustainability.

“Since we become the member of the united nation we have adopted many ways by launching policies but the real key issue is to implement those policies to become reality.

“We do not rely on policy alone but we must work hard to find answers for our own needs.”

The population of this country is dominated by youths.

“You are the leaders of this nation and you must be good positive thinkers and visionaries when doing things, Sogavare said.

“If you are a school dropout and adequate, don’t give up when you face hiccups, sufferings and challenges on your way.

“I was once a school dropout like you but I have a strong mind and believe that one day I will become somebody in the future.

“Do not have low esteem in yourselves but work hard and focus on what is ahead of you.

“Today is the time to make up your decision and mind on what will your future will be.”

Sogavare thanked UNDP and the MWYCFA for their support towards this programme.

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