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Second round assessment April


MHA to check on Renbel SG preparations

By Taromane Martin

THE Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will carry out their second round assessment of Renbel Province’s preparation to host this year’s Solomon Games.

Permanent Secretary, Mr George Palua said the games local organizing committee wants to host 12 or 14 sports during the games but will depend on the assessments that will be carried out next month.

“At the moment I do not have any new information as such, but I have been informed a week or so ago that NOCSI is sending a technical Team to assess the sports facilities being built or existing in RenBell Province for hosting of the Solomon Games later on this year, 2018,” Mr Palua said.

“They should be able to advise on what kinds of sports can be hosted given the availability of the venues even though the Province has indicated their desire to host 12 or 14 sports during the Solomon Games.

Palua said the Provincial Executive is now required to appoint a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) who will be assisted by the Solomon Games Council and the Province to work in close consultation with MHA to organize the games later on this year.

The PS said their ministry is still determined to support the province to host the Solomon Games but wants the provincial government to first settle their current political issue.

“The Province as we know is undergoing some political issues that needs immediate settlement before they can continue with the construction of new or improvement of existing facilities,” Palua said.

“MHA is still determined to assist the Province in providing the venues needed for the Games through budget support

“A second round of assessment by the Ministry will be sometimes in April to get progress report and assessment of the work done and the utilization of the funds provided to the Province, they will be accompanied by officers from Finance this time round,” he said.

Meanwhile, Renbel Province Premier Collin Singamoana provincial government is expected to face a motion of no confidence Tuesday next week.

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