Home News Search for rape suspect on Goodwood incident still on

Search for rape suspect on Goodwood incident still on



POLICE are still searching for the suspect in the alleged rape incident which occurred at the Goodwood area.

Supervising Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga urgeS the people who reside at the area to report to the police if they have any information regarding the incident.

She said a five-year-old was raped at the Goodwood area and police are yet to identify the suspect on the case.

“If someone saw that someone has been leading the five year-old last week at the Goodwood area must report to the police.”

Matanga condemned the incident and said that in the past weeks there were many cases of alleged rape on very young children from ages four to six, and ‘this is very serious’.

She said that everybody in the community should respect each other especially children and girls, and sexual abuse is sickening the Solomon Island’s community and must be stopped.

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