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Sade urges people to get jabbed



Guadalcanal premier Francis Sade is urging people of the province who are yet to take their covid-19 vaccine to do so.

Mr Sade made the call this week, warning that the covid-19 threat is still active.      

“I would like to state that our fight against COVID-19 is not yet over, therefore I appeal to all the unvaccinated Guadalcanal people to come forward and receive your vaccination at your nearest Area Health Centers. Also on the same note, I also share my Executive’s sympathies to all Guadalcanal people who have lost their loved ones from COVID-19,” Sade said.

He said following the opening of the international borders one month ago new BA.5 subvariant of Omicron has been detected.

“With this, I would like to humbly applaud all the Guadalcanal Province nurses and doctors and front-liners from GPHQ and downright to the community levels, who have taken extra miles to fight the outbreak of the Covid-19,” Sade said.

“In terms of vaccination – Guadalcanal Province has the largest eligible adult population of 18 years and above. The single dose achievement is now 50 percent (47,106 doses) which is bigger than the eligible population in some provinces. The double doses are 32 percent (29,490 doses) – also more than some Provinces eligible adult vaccination population.”

Sade adds, there are some Health Zones like West Guadalcanal had reached above this above of 95 percent single dose and 50 percent of double doses. “Moreover, the vaccination of our teenagers from 12-17 years and pregnant mothers is ongoing, and our nurses and doctors around our Clinics and Area Health Centres (AHC) have been trained to diagnose and manage COVID-19. This an encouraging news,” he said

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