Rove prison not a good place: Accused


THE accused who pleaded guilty for one count of simple larceny has told the court that life at the Rove prison is not good.

He said that prison life is not good at all as there is no freedom of movement and never again will he wanted to think of committing any offence once he released from prison.

He told the court that he is very sorry for his actions.

Fred Kasa of Temotu province was charged in relation to an incident occurred at the Rove Sea front on September 13.

Police said that on that date a fundraising was held at the Rove sea front area, the accused was a market vendor around that area.

It happened that he came to where the fundraising was and asked the complainant for a beer.

Police said the complainant did not give him beers and after few minutes the accused picked the complainant bag which contains valuable items and left the venue.

It was then the complainant reported the case to the police and the accused was arrested.

When he was arrested he admitted that he took the bag and then told the police where he left the bag, in which police recover the stolen bag.

Mr Kasa also confirmed in court that he told police about the bag and lead the police officers to where he left the bag.

Principal Magistrate Augustine Aulanga then adjourned the case to Friday for sentencing.

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