ROs urged on self-disciplinary principles

By Gary Hatigeva

Participating ROs pause for a group photo with the SIEC CEO and Chairman after the training.

APART from their oaths to uphold integrity, Revising Officers appointed to carry out the Omission and Objection Inquiry phase of the Registration process have been reminded to use their rightful self-disciplinary principles when executing their tasks out in the field.

Speaking to the ROs after their final day of training on the crucial phase, Chief Electoral Officer of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC), Mose Saitala shared that it is important officers do not allow their conscience to be influenced or intimated, and follow what is right according to the laws, to guide them in their duties.

Saitala stressed that ROs are responsible for this scrutiny process and the manner in which they fulfil their duties will affect the citizen’s trust in the electoral process and the election authorities.

He said it is therefore, important that officers undertake to commit themselves so that they will perform their duties to the highest standards of integrity, impartiality, transparency, fairness, accuracy and respect for the law.

“I encourage you to go out and do your duties without fear or favour to ensure results are favourable for everyone,” the SIEC CEO stressed.

Also sharing similar sentiments, Pastor Kenneth Mamali, representative of the Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association (SIFGA) Executive, who facilitated the Pledge Ceremony, pointed out that the points highlighted are also something that comes back to self believes and disciplines of individual officers.

Before conducting the ceremony, Pastor Kenneth gave the officers encouragements and reminders, using biblical illustration that is related to the nature of the challenges expected in their work.

The SIFGA representative then used a biblical character that stood up to the tests and challenges encountered while serving people in the bible days, and this according to the Reverend, is also something these Revising Officers can learn from, as a relevant and applicable situation to what they are about to go through in the field.

He agreed with CEO Saitala that officers will be faced with a lot of challenges while out in the constituencies, through friends, electorates, candidates and even close relatives, but are again reminded to always refer back to the bible character, which he is confident, will help them uphold the highlighted integrity.

This will definitely help officers to maintain their impartiality and honesty status, which will give a positive prospect for a freer and fair outcome, at the same time, bring a good name for the country and the people they serve.

Meanwhile, in her remarks to mark the closing of both the training and the ceremony, one of the SIEC Commissioners, Mrs Taeasi Sanga also agreed that the CEO’s points on officers is acceptable as these officers can play a crucial role and added that a credible voter list is the foundation for an acceptable election result.

“Therefore the integrity of the process rests squarely in the role that you as Revising Officers play.

“The knowledge on procedures required to perform and fulfil your roles and responsibilities is equally important as wisdom that helps you to morally conduct yourself to the highest standard of impartiality.

The Revising Officers will as of this weekend, be sent out to their respective constituencies to carry out the Omission and Objection programmes, ahead of the public inquiries.

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