LAND owners and resource owners in Small Malaita have been urged to cooperate and open up their land for development in order for the Constituency to develop.

The sentiments were echoed by Hon Rick Hou in his key note address during a ground breaking ceremony last month.

“I have to confess that it is frustrating sometimes when we are ready to go, someone or something has always happened to frustrate the implementation of our programmes. It is very disheartening that after having spent so much time, effort and financial resources in preparing a project, just when it is ready to go, someone would throw in “the spanner in the works”, rendering the whole project on hold”, the MP for Small Malaita said.

Mr Hou said over the last six years a number of projects in Small Malaita Constituency have suffered the same demise and in most cases this is due to land disputes.

“I would urge all our landowners and resource owners to cooperate with us. Please be reminded again, that development and investment is a two-way street: you have to be ready to give and then you can expect to receive. If you want development, you must genuinely offer land for development. If you are unable to do that it is most certain you cannot expect the Government or anyone to invest here. Sadly, our constituency has forfeited many development initiatives due to this problem”, Hon Hou said.

He added that many of these projects have not got off the ground due to petty political motivations and individuals with self-interest agendas. “I would like to warn our chiefs, community leaders and resources owners to be very careful and be vigilant against being misled and brainwashed by such individuals. These are selfish, narrow-minded people who are interested only in their personal well-being. These people do not have anything to offer except to push their self-interests ahead of yours. My advice to you is that you should steer clear of them”, the MP warned.

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