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Report of low stock of sterile water



THERE is report that sterile water is in shortage in the area health centres in Honiara.

Speaking to Island Sun, a concerned security guard who wishes anonymity raised the matter, explaining that he has missed his second dose of vaccination due to lack of sterile water.

He said that he was then sent to Kukum clinic but was also sent home due to the same matter.

He wants the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to clarify the current status of medicine shortage in the country.

He urged authorities to let the citizens of this country know so that they too can be aware of the current situation that the country is facing.

“This is in terms of what medical drugs we do have and what is out of stock.”

He said sending patients home without giving him/her medication indicates that the issue is still stand.

“With that I hereby call on the responsible authorities too please settled this situation properly before declaring and describing it a calm situation,” he said.

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